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Keith Mellinger


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At Koverage, we specialize in making your vision become a reality. Our focus is providing building projects to stand the test of time by building with the best available materials and cutting-edge techniques. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and building techniques to enables us to construct larger projects. Contact us today about your dream project and let’s get building.

The Koverage Commitment

We are committed to using the highest quality materials and the highest construction standards to deliver your project to your specifications and on-time.

Post Frame & Stick Frame Buildings

Whether we’re building a post frame or stick frame structure – we will provide an incredible building experience for you from start to finish.

Building Kits

We provide the building components but you decide the style, structure and layout of your building. The possibilities are endless!

Concrete Projects

With our technical knowledge and innovative techniques you can trust us with your project – we provide the highest quality craftsmanship!

“Kieth built me a small shop (24×36?) years ago. I still point out the trim miters to everyone exhibiting the detail he puts into these. Not noted in this video is how he ties his trusses to the walls and the overkill on structural load path. As to the exterior soffits, there is function to these beyond aesthetics. These are a component of methods historically used in the WILDLAND-URBAN INTERFACE BUILDING CODE’s that enhance protections in the case of a forest fire. Kieth sources the best quality lumber and builds with quality in mind. I feel so lucky we met him when we needed our project built.”