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Constructing Inspiring Buildings

Every Project Is Built To Your Specifications – Reliably & To The Highest Construction Standards

The Koverage Commitment

We are committed to using the highest quality materials and the highest construction standards to deliver your project to your specifications and on-time.

Keith Mellinger

Founder & Owner
Keith Mellinger began working in construction 14 years ago while he was still in high school. His experience even included a couple of years as a cabinet maker in order to learn to produce high quality finish work. In 2006, he founded Koverage Buildings and the value of his skill and knowledge of all facets of the construction process can not be overstated. He brings this experience to every structure he builds from start to finish.


“Kieth built me a small shop (24×36?) years ago. I still point out the trim miters to everyone exhibiting the detail he puts into these. Not noted in this video is how he ties his trusses to the walls and the overkill on structural load path. As to the exterior soffits, there is function to these beyond aesthetics. These are a component of methods historically used in the WILDLAND-URBAN INTERFACE BUILDING CODE’s that enhance protections in the case of a forest fire. Kieth sources the best quality lumber and builds with quality in mind. I feel so lucky we met him when we needed our project built.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Koverage Contractors sources only the highest quality materials to ensure your building or project withstand the test of time and usage – it is part of our commitment to build only the best buildings.

  • We’re never late

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

What is the difference between post frame and stick frame?2023-01-13T20:35:50+00:00

A stick-built structure has load bearing walls. Whereas post frame structures have load bearing posts that extend directly into the ground. The posts support the weight and shift the force into the ground.

How long does it take to get a building project started?2023-01-28T22:18:04+00:00

Generally, it takes 1 – 3 months to go through all the steps to begin construction. However, there are many factors, in particular the time of year, that can cause this time to be longer that are not always in our control.

  1. Initially, we meet to discuss your building project and everything you need / want.
  2. We provide an estimate of the project.
  3. If the estimate is accepted, we will submit a contract for you to sign.
  4. Once we have a signed contract, we will put you on the schedule and begin ordering materials.
Do you offer a warranty?2023-01-13T20:26:25+00:00

YES! We offer a no questions asked warranty for one year. This includes materials and labor failure.

Do you offer financing?2023-01-13T20:31:54+00:00

No – at this time, we do not offer financing.

Are you insured?2023-01-13T20:27:58+00:00

Yes! We are fully licensed and bonded. Our contractor # is RCE-42193.

Do you provide no obligation estimates?2023-01-13T20:31:06+00:00

Yes – after an initial consultation, we will provide you with an estimate to include all aspects of the building project that will include all the labor, materials and any options. At this point, you will be free to make your decision. If the estimate is accepted by you, we will begin the process.

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