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At Koverage, we specialize in making your vision become a reality. Our focus is providing building projects to stand the test of time by building with the best available materials and cutting-edge techniques. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and building techniques to enables us to construct larger projects. Contact us today about your dream project and let’s get building.


Post Frame & Stick Frame Construction Explained

Post Frame Construction

A pole barn, or pole building, is the traditional name for a large structure with no basement, a high ceiling, and wide-open spaces. Laminated wooden posts are used in the frame, and today they are typically called a post-frame building.

Built with today’s cutting edge technology, the laminated posts as well as roof trusses are highly engineered, prefabricated components that create a durable, economically built structure. They are ideal for garages, workshops, office buildings, storage businesses, event centers, and even your primary residence. The options and configurations of a post frame building are endless.

Stick Frame Construction

With stick-built (or stick-frame) buildings, the majority of components that comprise the wooden skeleton of the structure are constructed on site, piece by piece (or stick by stick) as opposed to prefabricated in a factory.  Wall studs are the main vertical framing element and are typically 16 to 24 inches on center.

For support, this framing system is typically built over—and secured to—a continuous concrete foundation in the form of a crawlspace or basement.

Primary Residences
Shop Homes

Small or large – we can build your dream home / shop to meet the needs of your lifestyle and family – in your style.

Office Buildings
Garage Businesses

Construction businesses, car / auto body, office space, retail space – we can build the perfect structure for your business to function at optimum levels.

Storage Businesses & Buildings

For many businesses, our construction and building process are ideal for providing the right amount of space and work ability.

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“Outstanding Work”

“Kieth built me a small shop (24×36?) years ago. I still point out the trim miters to everyone exhibiting the detail he puts into these. Not noted in this video is how he ties his trusses to the walls and the overkill on structural load path. As to the exterior soffits, there is function to these beyond aesthetics. These are a component of methods historically used in the WILDLAND-URBAN INTERFACE BUILDING CODE’s that enhance protections in the case of a forest fire. Kieth sources the best quality lumber and builds with quality in mind. I feel so lucky we met him when we needed our project built.”

Happy  Customer,
Bonners Ferry, ID